Pro-equality Republican runs for NY mayor

It shouldn’t be too hard to replace Mayor Bloomberg.  There are lots of people who would be willing to parade around New York while occasionally launching pet projects that strip New Yorkers and their businesses of liberties (soda ban, I’m looking at you!)

But New Yorkers now have an option that would be a real improvement.  Joe Lhota is a Georgetown and Harvard-educated former investment banker with deep New York roots and government experience.  He’s a Republican.  And Republican with a libertarian streak that extends to gay-equality.  As reported by the New York Post:

Joe Lhota calls himself a “new brand of Republican” — in favor of “fiscal discipline” but progressive on social issues: He’s pro-choice on abortion, is fine with same-sex marriage, and is in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Most importantly, Lhota believes in the once-sacrosanct Republican principle of truly limited governance:

“The role of government is to steer us in the right direction,” he said, “not do all the work for us.”

Chalk up another Republican for team equality.  The tide is turning…

(Thanks to Stephen Miller at the Independent Gay Forum for his post on this which tipped me off).



One thought on “Pro-equality Republican runs for NY mayor

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