NOM and the ‘homosexual lifestyle’

By Matt Barnum

NOM has a post up about ‘voting with our wallets,’ in which they’re apparently trying to boycott Starbucks and General Mills and Amazon and JCPenny and Target and Apple and (maybe?) The Washington Post. Lol. But here’s an interesting part:

If you’ve been following the national marriage battle over the past 18 months this should come as no surprise. Starbucks has said that gay ‘marriage’ is one of its corporate values. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who recently purchased the Washington Post, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money to redefine marriage in Washington State. Target and JC Penny both support gay ‘marriage’ and the homosexual lifestyle in general, as does Apple.

Note the emphasis I’ve added. I’m glad that NOM’s being clear here that the organization doesn’t just oppose same-sex marriage but ‘the homosexual lifestyle in general.’ This flies in the face of Ryan Anderson, et. al.’s main talking point – specifically, that opposition to marriage equality is nothing against gays, but is simply an attempt to ensure that all children are raised by their opposite-sex, biological parents.

As I’ve pointed out before, even avowedly secular arguments against gay marriage are rooted in the religious belief that homosexuality is sinful. NOM and other like-minded organizations regularly make this abundantly clear.


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