RINOs “Gutting the Republican Party” — Sigh.

Image from NOM Blog (http://www.nomblog.com/37981)

Image from NOM Blog (http://www.nomblog.com/37981)

— — –By Stephen Richer

According to National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown “a small but powerful faction … is trying to GUT the Republican Party of its traditional principles and values.”

As a co-founder of this blog, a member of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, and a supporter of American Unity PAC/Fund, I’m flattered.  “Powerful.”  Hurrah.

But sadly I can’t put much stock in the compliment because the rest of President Brown’s letter is so far off the mark that I assume his compliment can’t be too accurate either.

Let’s go through it:


“…that marriage and life are losing issues… When NOTHING could be further from the truth!

When over 60% of the voting public backs marriage at the ballot box, how on Earth can they make that claim with a straight face?”

No link provided on his stat.  Here’s some links:  PollingReport.com says 55% of American support gay marriage; USA Today reports: “By an unprecedented 55%-40%, Americans say marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized by law as valid, with the same rights of traditional marriage”; and Gallup finds: “52% Back Law to Legalize Gay Marriage in 50 States.”

But I guess all those polls are wrong, and NOM’s undisclosed poll is right.


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it.

That’s why you and I need principled leaders like Kirk Jorgensen in Congress.

And yet, Kirk Jorgensen doesn’t even mention marriage in the “Family and Constitution” section of his campaign website.  Funny, you’d think that a real crusader on this issue would mention it (abortion, education, and guns are there).  And you’d think he’d want to because, after all, only a weird — but powerful — minority support gay equality.


Not only does Kirk have to fight against liberal California Democrats — he has to fight a liberal challenger from his own party!

Carl DeMaio is a career politician, running as a Republican, who has abandoned the party’s platform on both marriage and life — a RINO to the core — and, worst of all, is being backed by many establishment Republicans trying to reshape the party to be more “progressive”!

Hmmm…  So now two strikes disqualify a Republican?  The Republican purity test discussed a few years allowed for some disagreement.  And NOM is apparently the arbiter of Republican values.  Does Brown even care what DeMaio thinks about taxation, bailouts, healthcare, school choice, defense spending, free speech, labor laws, etc.?  No, he probably doesn’t.  Because, as Brown made clear in a previous post, DeMaio is gay and that’s what matters:

There’s another thing about DeMaio’s candidacy that you should know. He’s an open homosexual and an avowed supporter of the gay movement.

An “open” homosexual.  The worst kind.  Can’t they just be quiet about their adopted preferences?

Despite the truly asinine nature of most of Brown’s posts, reading them gives me heart.  Not too long ago homosexuals were routinely beaten and subjected to painful laboratory tests to find out what was “wrong” with them (see this move e.g.).  Now the anti-gay-equality movement — once the true power in this debate — uses the language of the underdog, the language of a team that knows it’s losing:

If those who would redefine marriage had the votes to push through their bill, they would not be equivocating about calling the vote this fall. Despite all their money and big names, they have not yet been able to overcome the voice of the people.

Happy Friday!


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