Maddow and American Unity on NOM, Christie, gay marriage

american unity

— By Stephen Richer

Friend and ally Jeff Cook-McCormac — senior advisor to American Unity Fund — got on Maddow a few nights ago to discuss Christie’s decision against appealing New Jersey’s ruling in favor of gay marriage in that state.

Jeff does an impressive job as painting Christie not as a statist/moralist, but as somebody who remains true to his conviction while showing proper deference to the state judiciary.  Furthermore, Jeff notes that Christie is not a simple homophobe; according to Jeff, Christie signed some of the strongest anti-gay discrimination legislation in the country.

I’m less sanguine.  But perhaps that’s just because Chris Christie is a bit of statist who doesn’t mind excessive government power, and I’m biased because of it.

Jeff doesn’t come in until about the 5 minute mark.  But the first 5 minutes are worth watching too because Maddow does a great job (something I rarely say) of showing just how absurd NOM is by chronicling their support of the Russian anti-gay laws.

Video is at bottom of this page:


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