Rand Paul featured at dinner for anti-gay-equality organization

— By Stephen Richer

Libertarianism is the motivating philosophy behind lots of pro-equality Republicans (including yours truly), so it’s disappointing whenever alleged libertarian standard bearer Rand Paul associates with anti-gay organizations and causes.  But here we are again:  The American Principles Project recently emailed that Rand Paul will be featured at the organization’s Second Annual Red, White, and Blue Gala at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, February 5.

American Principles Project is a creation of Robbie George, celebrated Princeton academic who is a former chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, a co-author of the anti-equality book “What is Marriage?“, and is just generally one of the loudest (and most respected?) critics of the anti-equality movement.   A look at the organization’s “social issues” tab gives a good idea of where it stands (or perhaps just the fact that it has a “social issues” tab; it does, sadly, seem to be synonymous with anti-equality).

Rand Paul also recently appeared at the Values Voters Summit, a virulently anti-equality gathering.

I’m sure some of this is just playing politics.  But still, it’s a major frowny face for me when I read this about the guy I generally think would be a very strong president.

More on this later.



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