Dale Carpenter: Gay marriage, Utah ruling, Supreme Court, federalism

— By Stephen Richer

Dale Carpenter — a professor University of Minnesota Law, a blogger at The Volokh Conspiracy, fellow UChicago law guy, and a friend of this blog — appeared on “The Take Away” radio show a few days ago to discuss gay marriage, the Utah ruling, the Supreme Court, and federalism. (listen here)

Carpenter described 2013 as “a sea change [for gay marriage] at three levels: 1) American politics, 2) American law, 3) American public opinion.”

Carpenter also noted how the federalist model is seemingly moving the country in the direction of more widespread gay marriage.  18 states and Washington, DC now have gay marriage.  These areas 40% of the country’s population.  And yet NONE of the apocalyptic warnings of anti-equality activists have come true in these states.  States like Illinois witness the success / no negative side effects of previous marriage equality states like Minnesota, and it alleviates some concerns.

Listen to the short — 8 minutes — radio interview to hear the rest of the insights from Carpenter, one of the right-of-center’s most articulate and active gay equality advocates.



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