The Libertarian Party, libertarians, and gays

— By Stephen Richer

On December 30, Slate published a piece titled, “How Libertarians Failed Gay Rights” by Tyler Lopez.

Here is my (Stephen) response in the Daily Caller:  “No, the Libertarian Party isn’t behind the curve on gay rights.

Tyler Lopez’s new Slate article: “How Libertarians Failed Gay Rights” is awful.

But, nonetheless, the piece has stirred up quite the hornet’s nest. The post has 683 comments, and it has prompted responses by Brian Doherty at Reason, Stephen Miller at the Independent Gay Forum, and “Libertarians Concerned” (in a long Dec. 30 Facebook posting). Perhaps the speedy and sizeable response is because we libertarians are an especially prickly bunch. Perhaps it’s because we’re well-educated and like writing. Perhaps we had extra time to write because we didn’t attend religious services during the holidays.

Whatever the reason, the libertarian spirit has also moved me, and so here are three reasons why Lopez’s article missed the mark:

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