The Jimmy LaSalvia story unfolds

The one good thing about former GOProud leader Jimmy LaSalvia’s departure from the Republican Party is that it has a sparked a little media flurry that puts a spotlight on the important messages Jimmy conveys.

Here’s an MSNBC (ugh.  But there’s no such bad thing as bad media?) segment.  And here’s a Daily Beast article/interview:

LaSalvia went on to cite examples large and small of how the Republican Party had continued to spurn gay conservatives. He noted big issues like social conservative Ken Cuccinelli becoming the GOP’s gubernatorial nominee in Virginia in 2013 and as a Romney campaign “paralyzed with fear of anti-gay forces in the party.” LaSalvia also cited more small-bore examples as well, including that he was given possibly the worst seat available at the 2012 convention, “way up in the upper deck and behind the stage.” He didn’t seem to quite mind the location but avoiding sitting there, for fear someone would write a story about “where they sat the gays.”



2 thoughts on “The Jimmy LaSalvia story unfolds

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