Reagan’s Republican Party would welcome gays.

By Stephen Richer

Gregory T. Angelo — a friend of this blog and executive director of Log Cabin Republicanswrote for National Journal on Thursday that, “There are three common principles shared by the Republican Party of 2014: small-government philosophy, individual-empowering policy, and the lionization of Ronald Reagan.”

I don’t have the same infatuation with Reagan that seems to characterize Republicans over the age of 30 (although I am very into Barry Goldwater).  But no matter.  Angelo argues that Reagan’s declaration that the Republican Party was “no place for the haters” should extend, in modern terms, to treatment of gays.

Probably.  I haven’t done enough Reagan reading to know where he stood on this issue.  I find the more compelling part of Angelo’s argument to be:  “the party platform’s core principles should naturally attract those voters—gay and straight—who reject the big-government philosophy espoused by ‘progressives’ hell-bent on micro-regulation of the lives of all Americans.”

Yes, pitches for a pro-equality Republican Party can be made on electoral grounds (“see stat guru Nate Silver’s projection of the gay marriage movement“) or moral grounds (“it’s not nice to treat people like shit”), but the pro-equality movement is also entirely consistent with one of the longest standing Republican ideological strands:  that government should not overly involve itself in the lives of individuals (“out of boardroom and bedroom”); government shouldn’t be responsible for shaping morality or “the good” (morals should be left to individuals and organizations such as the church); government should respect the capacity of citizens to make personal judgments (we’re not little kids — let us decide if we want to consumer 20 oz sodas).   These principles are consistent with a pro-equality Republican Party.

Good work Greg.  Read the full article here:  “Why It’s OK to Be a Gay Republican.


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