Unduly harsh criticism of Brandon Ambrosino?

By Stephen Richer

Ezra Klein raised quite the brouhaha when he hired gay, anti-gay apologist Brandon Ambrosino.  I’m not a fan Ambrosino (in part because of his views, but because he’s a professional dancer and writer, basically my dream life, but instead, I’m in law school in cold Hyde Park).  But I don’t think the harsh criticism leveled at him was completely fair.

That’s the gist of my new article on the subject at The Daily Caller (full thing).  Check it out (maybe?):

It seems like the whole online media world hates Brandon Ambrosino. And, by extension, they hate Ezra Klein for asking Ambrosino to join his new team at Vox.

They hate Ambrosino because he’s a 23-year-old, radical anti-homosexual, who is gay himself.

Fortunately, one for three puts you in the hall of fame (in baseball). That his age is not 23 can be established by reading the multiple articles in which he references his age (definitely over 23, at least 27, maybe 28). These are the same articles that Ambrosino’s critics supposedly read and sharply criticized Klein for supposedly not having read.

The radical anti-homosexual claim deserves more scrutiny. Gabriel Arana of the American Prospect claims that Ambrosino is rotten because he might like Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty (“still, Ambrosino says he wouldn’t mind going fishing with the guy”). Yet in his Time article about Robertson, Ambrosino first casts the Pope’s liberalization on gay marriage in a positive light. Then, turning to Robertson, Ambrosino writes, “For the record, I’m undecided on whether or not I think Phil actually is homophobic, although I certainly think his statement was offensive, and not only to the LGBT community.”


One thought on “Unduly harsh criticism of Brandon Ambrosino?

  1. Lori Heine

    Some of the things that have been said about Mr. Ambrosino have indeed been way over the top. I don’t agree with a lot of what he’s written (that I have read), but I think the Left has made itself look very silly having conniption-fits over it. As they so often do, they have called far more attention to what he’s written than he ever would have gotten otherwise. Or than he deserves.

    In the case of Pastor Rafael Cruz, if he were merely a pastor, and he made the bizarre statements he has, it would be of little consequence and better simply ignored. My only concern is that his son is someone we are paying to wield tremendous power over us. Again, if Senator Cruz’s views are substantially different from his father’s, that is not a problem. But if they’re not, we need to know about it. In fact we need to be aware of what the senator’s views are, one way or the other.


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