Good News for LGBT Catholics? Pope May Remove Anti-Gay Cardinal

By Alexis Hamilton

Cardinal Raymond Burke may be relieved of his duties as head of the Apostolic Signatura and the Roman Curia; the former is the “Supreme Court” equivalent of the Vatican and the latter is a rulemaking body that advises the Pope.

Cardinal Burke shared his views on homosexuality several years ago when he explained the difference between just and unjust discrimination. Unjust discrimination, according to Burke, involves disparate treatment because of a quality like the color of one’s skin, while just discrimination would be discrimination based on something that goes against human nature, like homosexuality.

Don’t worry about being judgmental, though! As Cardinal Burke explains, that sort of discrimination isn’t wrong or immoral, it’s just . . . the truth.

This understanding of church doctrine just might be at odds with that of Pope Francis, who–though he affirmed church doctrine on same-sex marriage–has indicated that the church might not be opposed to same-sex civil unions. The Pope also appointed a progressive bishop as the next archbishop of Chicago.


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