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We’re interested in hearing from you. If you want to join our team – i.e. write for us occasionally – please get in touch; we want to grow. If you want to tell us about how gay marriage is the downfall of society, we’re happy to hear from you, but we’ll disagree.  If you have have a thoughtful disagreement we’re also interested.

You can reach co-founders, Matt Barnum and Stephen Richer, at and


2 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Gregg Kimball

    Appreciate your activism on behalf of all libertarian queers, but have a question I hope you can answer. In fairness, I must inform you I’ve posed this query to Margaret Hoover, Gov Ridge, Dan Savage, etc, without receiving ANY reply! If we argue for the freedom to marry for all Americans, why do we exclude our fellow citizens in less-approved of relationships, eg. polygamous, incestuous, underaged, etc? Keep in mind, these relationships are banned mostly by State statues–much like anti-sodomy laws–and that the age of consent in the EU is currently 12. So finally, I would ask, if Love knows no gender, why should it know a number, an age, etc? Thanks for youe attention. I look forward to your response.

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